Salmon Creek Farm is a sanctuary of precious riparian and coastal redwood forest habitat, on Central Pomo land, established as a counterculture commune in 1971, now a long-term living art project shaped by many hands, a sort of queered commune-farm-homestead, offering occasional programs by the non-profit Salmon Creek Arts. Check the calendar for the latest and sign up for our email list.

photos by Iwan Baan

Salmon Creek Farm is a place to be slow, to take a deep breath and a step back, in both solitude and sociability. It is a place to be embodied, with hands in soil enriched with your compost and humanure, sprouting seasonal organic foods, watered from the spring. You tend a warming fire with wood from the land, sheltered by cabins crafted with scavenged materials, furnished with local finds, no plastics in sight, feeling small under giants that live for millennia.
We aim to continually expand the views and voices informing the place and broaden the range of folks coming to the land, lowering barriers wherever possible to those who feel drawn to visit. As a queer owned and run space, it has a special sense of sanctuary for those who often don’t feel safe or welcome in rural spaces, especially BIPOC and LGBTQ+ folks. In 2024 a land-based artist fellowship will be inaugurated by the non-profit Salmon Creek Arts, which will gradually take over programming, and eventually ownership, of Salmon Creek Farm. (Subscribe, Donate, and Follow)