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SCF Mix (sold out, new mix coming in 2024)
🌱 $50 

🌞 Edition of 250 designed by Companion-Platform
πŸ’Œ One ounce packets contain thousands of seeds
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30 varieties of greens, grains, flowers, edible cultivars, and native wildflowers collected by hand at SCF: 

Amaranth, Borage, Calendula, California poppy, Chamomile, Chard, Chrysanthemum, Coriander, Common Poppy, Cosmos, Cornflower, Crimson clover, Daisy, Fava, Fennel, Feverfew, Kale, Lavender (Spanish), Marigold, Mustard, Nicotiana, Nigella, Oat, Phacelia, Quinoa, Red Clover, Rose Campion, Spinach, Squash, and Sunflower.

Throughout the summer and fall we follow the birds who tell us which seeds are ready as we watch the feeding frenzy migrate from plant to plant...
A portion of our annual plants here in the gardens at SCF are left in place to dry up, set seed, and die back. A garden that values only living plants is a denial of reality. The story of a plant continues long after moisture stops coursing through its roots, stems, and leaves. As the plant dies and dries, the seeds hanging out in the sun and wind gradually become ready to disperse, while the desiccated plant material breaks down into mulch and cover for new life. The resulting complex seasonal landscape welcomes death into the center of the garden as the foundation for new life to come up beneath it. We see this in our Northern Californian landscapes that turn from bright April greens to warm October ochres.

This is not a careful and precise commercial seed mix β€” rather a crazy cacophonous variety, gradually collected by a group of friends week by week, seed by seed. We made sense of things as we went, sifting, sorting, winnowing, and mixing. It includes crossbred mystery varieties, inert materials, and seeds with widely divergent suggested sowing seasons and methods. But we appreciate the nature-like casualness, echoing the wild careless broadcast of extravagant seed abundance that most plants perform β€” of which only a fraction germinate, take root, mature, and go on to set seed themselves

Thanks to seed collectors Jerome AB, Gabriel Cameron, Nicolaus Chaffin, Fritz Haeg, Natan Daskal, Nick Gueli, Rachael Hawkins, Seth Jones, Amelia Lang, Adam Linder, Andrew Owen, Todd McQuade, Calvin Rocchio, Jeremy Schipper, Ari Shapiro, Fanny Singer, Alex Tieghi-Walker, and Lexi Visco.

Seed packaging designed, illustrated & printed by: Lexi Visco + Calvin Rocchio of Companionβ€”Platform.