🔥 Salmon Creek Farm Winter 2025 
Ceramics Wood Firing Workshops


︎ CERAMICS wood-firing workshops
In partnership with our Albion neighbors Cider Creek Collective. An immersive, collaborative workshop making objects using primary local materials: native clay, salvaged wood as fuel for the kiln, our own hands, and the natural time of elemental processes. Accommodations at SCF and weekday workshops at Cider Creek Collective, more info HERE.

Two 2 week sessions:
> Mon, Feb 17th to Sun, Mar 2nd, 2025
> Mon, Mar 17th to Sun, Mar 30th, 2025

$1000 workshop fee plus SCF Accomodations.
Price is total for single, couple, or group for two weeks accomodations:
︎︎︎ Solo at Salmon or sharing Cedar ($1500)
︎︎︎ Solo or couple in 1 bed at Moonlight, Walden or River ($1800)
︎︎︎ Solo, couple, or two friends in 2 beds at Rainbow or Cedar ($3000)
︎︎︎ Solo, couple, or two friends at shared cabin, in 1 of 2 separate bedrooms at Dawn ($1800)
︎︎︎ Group cabin for up to 4 people in three beds / two bedrooms at Dawn ($3600)

We encourage couples & groups to apply. Each person applies separately but would be accepted as a couple/group. Read about life at SCF before applying!