There are 15 beds in seven self-sufficient modest homespun guest cabins reached by foot trails across 33 acres of south-facing coastal redwoods. Each occupies a unique secluded nook in our south-facing wooded slope. They were lovingly built, rebuilt, repaired, furnished, and embellished by many hands over the years with scavenged local materials. They are cute, cozy, comfortable, well appointed, and pretty rustic (ie. an occasional mouse may find it’s way in and something will have to be done). All feature fully equipped kitchens, filtered drinking water, wood stoves, bedding/towels, hot outdoor showers, outhouses, and fast wifi.
1 Orchard 🍏 2 Rainbow 🌈 3 Dawn πŸŒ… 4 MoonlightπŸŒ› 5 Walden πŸ‚ 6 River πŸ’… 7 Cedar 🌲 8 Salmon πŸŸ