Salmon Creek Farm Editions &
Museum of Blooming Gnomes present:
The 2023 Save-the-SCF-Cabins
Re-Roofing Fundraiser
Vintage Screened Tee

Salmon Creek Farm resident caretaker Ethan was up on cabin roofs patching leaks and spreading tarps at all eight SCF cabins through the California deluge last winter. Weโ€™re now looking at around $125k to urgently re-roof all of the cabins. In support of that effort, Ethan and his Museum of Blooming Gnomes are dropping The 2023 Save-the-SCF-Cabins Re-Roofing Fundraiser Vintage Screened Tee. A limited edition available only through the end of 2023, each one unique:

๎€๏ธŽ Regionally foraged vintage tees removed from fast fashion waste stream.
๎„‡๏ธŽ All are 100% cotton though unique in color, style, fit, cut, and fabric.
๎จ๏ธŽ Two to three week turnaround (this is SLOW fashun folks!)
๎„ซ๏ธŽ Screen printed by Sandra at Imaginations, our friend up the coast.
With $100 donation (plus shipping)

๎„ก๏ธŽ For those who can donate $250 and want something from the land, Ethan is also offering a special plant-dyed edition of 20 cooked up in the SCF kitchen during a 24 hour dye bath using plants from our gardens like dandelion, nasturtium, purple sage, rosemary, usnea, and even bark from our apple tree pruning - plus leaves from invasive eucalyptus on the coast. This is an unpredictable process and finished fabrics will vary wildly, part of the charm.

๎„ฃ๏ธŽ Total material & screening costs are around $35/ea, so $65/ea proceeds go to re-roofing the eight SCF cabins and preserving them for the future.

๎ฆ๏ธŽ Designed and produced by Ethan Delorenzo, Salmon Creek Farm resident caretaker.