Salmon Creek Farm Editions

Our Plant Community:
A Salmon Creek Farm Collaborative Field Guide

Our Plant Community: A Salmon Creek Farm Collaborative Field Guide collection of sixty drawings and descriptions of the flora found at Salmon Creek Farm in Albion, CA. The field guide was created during three gatherings facilitated by Alex Arzt in May 2018, May 2019, and December 2019 by twenty participants. The original drawings were made on watercolor paper with india ink, pen, and natural pigments created on the land. They were then scanned and printed on the Risograph machine to create this compilation. This project was made with a spirit of curiosity and amateurism in order to forge a deeper connection to the place through the plants, all the while building a resource to be utilized by visitors and residents of the Northern California Coastal Forests.

Published and printed by A Magic Mountain

- Edition of 135
- 8.5”x8.5”
- 136 pages
- Exposed Smythe stitch binding with rainbow thread
- Foil stamped hard cover
- Printed by A Magic Mountain on a Riso EZ590U in black, red, florescent pink, yellow, and blue on Springhill 80# Vellum Bristol paper
- Binding and finishing by The Key Binding and Printing in Oakland, CA.
- $90 (sold out)

Drawings and contributions by Alex Arzt, Anne Beck, Nicolaus Chaffin, Jade Chang, Nick Gueli, Nissa Gustafson, Katie Holten, Lucas Ihlein, Colter Jacobsen, Dionne Lee, Poppy Litchfield, Kate McNeely, Shawn Newman, Ray Redding, Solange Roberdeau, Titian Rutkin, Katherine Rutter, Anna Schneider, Gabi Sheerer, Kim Williams, Sichong Xie