🐌 Salmon Creek Farm
2024 Retreat Rentals

We are opening up cabins for just nine weeks of retreat rentals in 2024, from February 4th to April 6th, for one or two week stays. This is time to slow down, become familiar with the place and it's rhythms, to quiet the mind, and really be present on the land. This may be a time to take a step back for some critical distance from daily life, a chance to create something new, or even a pause from projects and productivity altogether. Come with an intention for how you want to ‘spend’ your time. Read about life at SCF before inquiring.

Once on the land we put everyone on a whatsapp party line, where the community can be directly in touch with each other, to announce meals, invite each other over, ask for help with something, organize an event, say “hey I’m going to town if anyone needs anything,” etc. On Monday mornings we lead a comprehensive 2 hour tour of the entire property, including visits to all cabins and a hike down to the creek. This also serves as a chance to meet the group and a critical / compulsory orientation to life on the land (outhouses, compost, wood stoves, etc). The resident land steward and host makes everyone feel safe, welcome, and at home. 

Price is total for one/two weeks:
︎︎︎ Solo at Salmon ($900/$1500)
︎︎︎ Solo or couple in 1 bed at Moonlight, Walden or River ($1100/$1800)
︎︎︎ Solo, couple, or two friends in 2 beds at Rainbow or Cedar ($1800/$3000)
︎︎︎ Up to 4 people in three beds / two bedrooms at Dawn ($2200/$3600)
+ 50% deposit to book and remainder due 8 weeks before.
+ Arrivals Sundays exclusively 1:30-4:30pm. 
+ Departures before 11am Saturdays.
+ Full SCF tour/orientation 10:30am Mondays.